”We found the Seek A Leek advertisement in our local paper and made contact we were contacted with a quick response and found Matt to be very efficient and professional and carried out the inspection of a 3 storey apartment. 8 units were inspected and the information that was obtained has proven to be invaluable for us to be able to move forward and have repair work carried out. There were certainly some wet spots that were found that we had no idea that they were there.

So this service is highly recommended for anyone who thinks they might have or have moisture in their property.”

Body Corp.
(Investigation of an appatrment complex)

“Thrilled and delighted with the work done by Seek a leak.
We have been able to narrow down the areas we need to concentrate on and fix first.
We would recommend this system as a non invasive investigation tool.”

Frances and Andrew Empson
November 2010
(Thermal Home Check)

“Seek a Leek will take the guess work out of buying a house with a potential risk of “Leaky Building syndrome”. While other reports will take a guess at whether or not a building has issues; Thermal images carried out by Seek a Leek will take out all the guess work and could save you thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars. The service I received from Seek a Leek was very professional, on time and very knowledgeable about possible moisture issues – A must for any house under contract”

Matt D,  Wellington
(New home Buyer)

“We’re absolutely blown away by the quality of the report, and obviously the relief that it provides by ruling out any question of leaky building.  It’s undoubtedly the single best spend of $500 in a very long time!
Thanks so much for recommending it, you certainly know your stuff! .”
Best regards,
Catherine and Mark
(Pre sale inspection)

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